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Comcast Xfinity accounts are being attacked in 2FA bypass assaults

Comcast Xfinity accounts are being attacked in 2FA bypass assaults

Comcast Xfinity accounts are being attacked in 2FA bypass assaults

Somebody discovered a option to bypass the two-factor authentication (2FA) safety measure at Comcast Xfinity and compromise numerous accounts, reviews have claimed. 

Following the bypass, the attackers are ready to make use of the compromised accounts to attempt to take over cryptocurrency change accounts and cloud storage companies.

On December 19 Xfinity e-mail customers began getting notified of modifications to their account info, however their passwords have been already modified so that they couldn’t enter. Those who managed to get again into the account discovered {that a} secondary e-mail deal with was added to the account, from a disposable area

Bypassing 2FA

The secondary e-mail deal with is a safety measure utilized by some e-mail suppliers that assist with password resets, account notifications, and related. 

Most of the victims took to Twitter, Reddit, and Xfinity boards to debate what had occurred, and mentioned that they’d 2FA enabled. So, whoever was behind the assault, managed to guess the password with credential stuffing, after which managed to bypass the two-factor authentication safety measure. BleepingComputer’s report states the attackers used a “privately circulated OTP (one-time password) bypass” which allowed them to generate working 2FA verification codes.

That gave them entry to the account, and including the secondary, disposable e-mail account, allowed them to carry out the password reset course of.

After gaining full management over the compromised e-mail accounts, the menace actors then proceeded to breach additional on-line companies, assuming individuals’s identities (opens in new tab) to request e-mail resets. Dropbox, Evernote, Coinbase, and Gemini, are simply a number of the companies that the menace actors tried to breach.

Xfinity is holding silent on the matter in the interim, however a buyer mentioned on Reddit that the agency is conscious of the incident and is at the moment investigating. The identical supply additionally mentioned that in response to a buyer help worker they spoke to, the difficulty appears to be fairly widespread.

By way of: BleepingComputer (opens in new tab)

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